Addressing “the environment” requires acknowledging both questions of what goes into sustaining an event as well as the layered and uneven climate crisis we are currently experiencing. As organizers we felt it was important to state our commitments to addressing these entwined issues publicly.

Our efforts have taken the following form:

  • Making space for conversations around sustainability, our environment, and the climate crisis during the event
  • Eliminating and restricting purchase of new goods
    • Shifting a majority of t-shirt and tote swag to a “bring-your-own” model
  • Reducing single-use plastics and packaging
    • Not purchasing Styrofoam, black plastics
    • Using compostable utensils and paper plates
    • Working with caterers who package food in bulk, brewing our own coffee and tea
  • Redirecting products entering the waste stream, or participating in re-localizing and re-circularizing economic activities

We look forward to deepening our engagement around these issues in future years. Please help us by sharing your thoughts: